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You are trying to run a business, keep everyone in your life happy and feel like you are drowning in self-doubt, exhaustion and ready to give up?

You are constantly putting yourself and your own wants and needs on the back-burner. You know you aren't living the life you want or stepping into the potential you have.

You are struggling to take control of your life, but fear and lack of confidence holds you back from going after what you want.

Do any of the following thoughts resonate with you?


"This course was absolutely amazing! It should be watched by all. Doesn't matter what profession you are in or what career goals you have, everyone will take something out of this course."

"taking tabatha's course has totally changed my outlook on achieving my goals, and overcoming the things that held me back!"

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about my process

I will help you uncover the why behind your goal so you can have the clarity and  focus you need to take action, follow through and achieve it.

Working together, we'll do the following...

discovering your "why"

Once you have clarity on what you want, we need to map out the steps to get you there. The way to tackle anything is one step at a time and have a strong foundation and system in place.

developing a roadmap

Now we take action and remove the obstacles that have kept you stuck or unable to move forward. With focus, clarity, support, and implementation, you will be unstoppable. 

putting everything into place

let's work together

I am known for taking over! 

I love good coffee, conversation, Aperol Spritz, beautiful shoes (even when they are uncomfortable),
and I only wear black. However, I will sneak a color in here and there but mainly to bed.
I know that you are capable of so much more than you realize and that we all need some help and guidance along the way.

I know that authenticity is imperative, not optional, that progress is better than perfection, and that mistakes are just lessons in disguise.  

 Truth teller, Dream Chaser, and Coach for women just like you.

I'm Tabatha