So, I am about to go to another run through for the big day tomorrow, and the sun is thankfully shining in Los Angeles. There is Oscar buzz everywhere!!!

Say what you will about award ceremonies, but  it is a lot of work and a lot of stress. It’s so fun to witness it all first hand.

I feel very blessed to be here. Corny to hear, I am sure, but it is a great experience and a peek into the lives of Celebrities, and what goes into getting ready for these things. It is amazing and, literally, takes a village!

I have the most amazing dress thanks to Ali Rahimi for Mon Atelier—hand made for me! I must say, it is the first time I’ve felt like a princess. Thank you Ali!

I now get the “Wedding Dress” moment women have. I never went to prom, or, clearly, got married; so, I never had that OMG perfect dress moment. Don’t get me wrong! I love clothes and designers blah, blah, blah, but this dress is amazing and makes me feel special. Isn’t that what the Oscars are all about?! Well, that and the award of course; but, lets face it, we love to see what everyone is wearing.

It is taking an army of amazing, talented, passionate people to get me ready. I am thankful to them all and so appreciative of their hard work. I am so, very lucky to have so much support—not just from my friends and the talented people that have helped me—but from all of you… My fans.


I feel so blessed and happy that I can give you all an inside peek into the Oscars. My only regret that my Mum isn’t here to see because she would enjoy this ride!