We love having fun in the sun, but ladies, let’s face it: The season can take a pretty harsh toll on our locks.

Hair guru Tabatha Coffey, the star and host of the hit reality series “Tabatha Takes Over,” stopped by The Couch to answer our trickiest hair questions.

One viewer pleaded: I wash my hair a lot in the summer and it’s getting so dry. Help!

“It’s something that everyone does,” Coffey said. “We’re outside more, we’re perspiring more, so we are washing our hair more. You need to use something that’s going to protect your hair. Use a shampoo that’s a little heavier than normal…something that’s more moisturizing, something with that has a protectant in there, especially if you have color. Make sure it’s gentle enough to be used every day.”

But should you wash your hair every day?

“It’s totally fine as long as you’re using the right product,” Coffey said. “If you’re using something that not taking the natural oils and moisture out of the hair, then it’s totally fine to wash it every day. Some people don’t need to and they can skip a day.”

Tabatha had plenty of tips! For more, check out the full interview.