Bullying has become a major concern and a common headline these days. We are losing our youth to bullies that pick on them for their weight, sexuality, religion, and so much more.

When a Tennessee legislator began pushing a bill that allowed bullying of LGBTQ kids, I decided I couldn’t be quiet any longer. It’s time to put an end to bullying.

If you read my book, you know I was bullied for many things including my weight, my upbringing, and my sexual orientation. It made me stronger and who I am today, but that doesn’t excuse the bullying.

As you know, I can be tough on the business owners and employees on Tabatha Takes Over, but they ask for my help and want my style of tough love and honesty. I don’t walk into random businesses and serve snark on a whim.

In contrast, these young people are bullied daily. They don’t ask for it; they don’t seek it; they don’t deserve it. It’s time we Take Over and stop bullying today.

The following sites and organizations are devoted to ending bullying. You can learn more at their websites about the resources each organization provides.

  • The US government has setup a site to end bullying and provide resources to youth, teachers, and the community. The site is: StopBullying.gov.
  • The Trevor Project runs the Trevor Lifeline, a 24-hour, national crisis and suicide prevention lifeline for gay and questioning teens. The number is 1-866-4-U-Trevor. You can learn more about The Trevor Project and the other great program they have at their website: thetrevorproject.org.
  • The National Center for Bullying Prevention is helping to promote awareness and teach effective ways to respond to bullying. You can learn more about them at: Pacer.org/bullying.
  • STOMP Out Bullying is focused on reducing bullying and cyberbullying. Find out more on their website: stompoutbullying.org
  • The Matthew Shepard Foundation runs Matthew’s Place, an online community and resource center for LGBTQ youth. The website is: matthewsplace.com
  • GLSEN is also a great organization that is working to eradicate bullying and bias in schools. Their website is: glsen.org
  • One of the most important things young people can do when they see bullying is to speak up. Cartoon Network is doing the same by encouraging youth to speak up to stop bullying. They put together this website with great information on what you can do to prevent bullying.
  • It Gets Better: a project designed to give inspiration to those that are bullied—especially LGBTQ youth.

Do your part. If you see someone being bullied, speak up and intervene. If you know of a young person in need, offer them resources and speak to them about it. If your child or young adult is a bully, address it now.

To anyone reading this that is a victim of bullying, know that it really does get better.

Have another resource? Share it in the comments.